A native of southwest Ohio, Nancy McCarthy grew up with seven brothers and sisters in the quiet neighborhood of Oakwood, outside of Dayton, Ohio. As soon as she could hold a crayon, Nancy's love of art became evident. She began her studies in earnest at the tender age of 13. During five years of study, she excelled in many mediums, including oil, acrylic, watercolor and chalk pastels. While most artists perfect a single medium, Nancy's philosophy differs. "The medium adds so much to the character of each piece that I feel it would be a shame to limit my expression by settling into just one."

In 1975, Nancy started her career in commercial art. She moved to Cincinnati in 1977 where she advanced in her field of pharmaceutical advertising by working with a few of Cincinnati's finest art firms. In 1984 she was able to leave her job at Seta Appleman and Showell to concentrate entirely on fine art. Beginning as a portrait artist, she was quickly drawn away to follow her passion, painting the beauty and variety of God's natural world.

Painting and photographing wildlife, vistas,  and domestic animals have become the focus of Nancy's artistry.  The depth and clarity of her work have brought her regional and national acclaim. With a contemporary flair, she creates with a unique style that sets her work apart. "I'd like for the viewer to feel as though they have just experienced a beautiful, microcosmic moment in life. A majestic storm, an explosion of blossoms, an animal's gesture and expression, they all tell a story which evokes emotion on the viewer's part. "

Perhaps you have seen Nancy's work exhibited in one of her many private and public shows. She has exhibited at wildlife shows, equine events, and galleries from California to Massachusetts. Nancy shows her work on Saturdays at McCarthy Art Gallery, 209 Main Street, in Old Milford, Ohio. You may even catch her working on her latest creation there. You can reach her by e-mail nancy@nancy-mccarthy.com and buy or view her paintings on her web site www.nancy-mccarthy.com .